Short report TermoINEF Research Group

Short report TermoINEF Research Group

14/08/2016 News

In the last semester (January to June 2016) the TermoINEF Research Group from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has been carrying out the following research activities with the support of ThermoHuman.

Data collection and analysis integrating thermographic data and indicators of muscle damage and fatigue before and after training in judokas from the national junior team.Final degree dissertations of several undergraduate students that will be defended and published in June and July. The scope of research of the different students were:

1) “Influence of sleep alteration on thermographic profile of high level athletes”

2) “Use of non-thermogenic anti-inflammatory cream (Traumeel) on the skin temperature of soccer players before and after a 1-hour training”

3) “The thermographic profile of judokas of the national junior team and effectivity of using thermography as a method for preventing injuries”

4) “The thermal profile of high level surfers related with the balance measures by the” Y” balance Test”

5) “Thermal profile of the sprinters and jumpers lower limbs and the acute effects of training on this population group”

6) “Thermal profile of junior high level swimmers and the acute effects of training on this population group”

Creation of a consensus document for establishing the optimal conditions to carry out thermographic data collections in the area of physical activity and sports.

Europa Thermohuman ThermoHuman has had the support of the Funds of the European Union and the Community of Madrid through the Operational Programme on Youth Employment. Likewise, ThermoHuman within the framework of the Export Initiation Program of ICEX NEXT, had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

CDTI Thermohuman has received funding from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), in participation with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), for the R+D activities involved in creating a new tool, based on thermography, for the prediction and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. See project detail.