Terms and Conditions

Identity of the controller

Name: PEMA THERMO GROUP SL (en lo sucesivo ThermoHuman)
CIF/NIF: B86169901
Address: Calle Corregidor Señor de la Elipa 1 9A, 28030 Madrid
Email: info@thermohuman.com
URL: http://www.thermohuman.com/
Commercial register: TOMO 28993 FOLIO 134 SECCIÓN 8 HOJA M-522075 inscripción 1.

Description of the platform

The ThermoHuman platform is a cloud software that analyses thermographic information from photos taken of the human body. Thermal data are obtained by automatic segmentation of body areas through an artificial vision algorithm that adapts to the contour of the subject, allowing the client to extract and manage metrics in the form of avatars, graphs and tables for a better decision making in professionals in the fields of sport, health and medicine.

The ThermoHuman manager allows you to centralize all data on a fully flexible cloud platform for the client, who will be able to access your data without the need to install any software on their computer. In this way the client will have recorded and centralized all the data regarding thermography in relation to their individuals (athletes, subjects or, in their case, patients are considered individuals).

ThermoHuman is not responsible for the medical diagnosis or prescription that the professional (client) provides to his patient by the results obtained by the platform. The platform is a help to the professional, so in no case will ThermoHuman be able to interfere with the proper decision that the healthcare professional can make.

Customers who hire the ThermoHuman platform will be able to register different users who will be the people with access to the platform, and who will usually be employees of the client who contracts the platform. The current Use Conditions, Privacy Policy and License of the platform are mandatory for all clients who hire it and registered users.

Terms and conditions of use

These conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of the platform, in respect of which ThermoHuman, has sufficient rights to allow its use in accordance with the provisions of this document and with the provisions of the license of use of the platform that you can consult in this document. If you wish to contact ThermoHuman you can do so by sending an email to info@thermohuman.com.

Access to and use of the platform, attribute to you the status of User, which implies adherence to these Terms of Use in the published version at the time it is accessed. If you do not agree with them, you should refrain from accessing or using the services provided through the platform. Access to the platform by web browsing will require the registration of the user. When you register on the platform, you will be sent an automatic email with your user and password along with a link to the general conditions.

These Use Conditions of the platform are governed by the principles of legality and good faith, the User agreeing to use the platform, as well as the information or services provided under the Law, morality, morality and public order. The unauthorised use of the information contained in this platform, its resale and the transfer of rights of third parties shall give rise to legally established liabilities.

ThermoHuman reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the platform, as well as the Terms of use of the same. ThermoHuman therefore recommends that users read these General Conditions carefully each time they access the platform. The services offered through the platform, through registration, are reserved to ThermoHuman clients who will be able to sign up users for the management of the platform.

ThermoHuman undertakes to process and process all data of users and potential individuals that the user registers on the platform in accordance with its privacy policy.The user undertakes to provide truthful, accurate and complete data, as well as to update all the data provided so that they remain truthful, accurate and complete, both their own and those of the patients.

The process of incorporating your data and password is considered a formalisation of a legally binding contract between ThermoHuman and the user, in accordance with the terms of these Use Conditions.

The user acknowledges that he has read and understood the terms of these Terms of Use and agrees to comply with all its provisions.

Data information and content provided by users

ThermoHuman is a controller for the data of the analysed persons that the clients are incorporating in the data sheets created for this purpose, as well as photographs and thermograms stored in ThermoHuman systems.

It is the customer (doctor, clinician, sports team…) who must ask the people whom he analyses using the tool for informed consent. Such consent may be stored on ThermoHuman systems in the customer’s file.

The personal data of the analysed person will be processed by the client for the purpose of carrying out a study through the thermography technique through Thermohuman, the legitimizing base for processing the data of the person analysed for that purpose is the consent. The person analysed will be duly informed by the client that his data will be processed and stored in the system

ThermoHuman responsibility of PEMA THERMO GROUP, S.L., who acts as the controller of this data. The analysed person will also be informed by the client that ThermoHuman will be able to make statistical use of their data. Their identifying data shall in no case be communicated to third parties, using only for statistical purposes and studies in relation to the data resulting from the thermographic study. The use of the data for these purposes shall always be carried out anonymously.

The customer will be solely responsible for the content, images and/or personal data including health, individual consent if required under the privacy legislation.