FC Dallas first team in MLS to work with ThermoHuman

FC Dallas first team in MLS to work with ThermoHuman

20/01/2018 News

During the end of September ThermoHuman had the pleasure to start working with infrared thermography in FC Dallas, team of the USA Major League Soccer (MLS).

Importance of infrared thermography for FC Dallas

Skylar Richards, Head of Sports Science and Director ATC:

“Being on the fore front of sports technology has always been a focus at FC Dallas, specifically those technologies that allow us to keep our athletes training more often, and available to play consistently. After years of trialing various technologies that were primarily routed in some type of performance or tactics, we were thrilled to find one that allows us to measure the track the status of our players muscles as they train. The purpose of exercise is to break down muscle tissue so it can build back stronger, but going too far can lead to injury. Having the ability to identify who, where, and when those responses are occurring is pivotal in keeping a healthier squad than other teams.“

This sports technology is based on the use of infrared thermography to detect both injuries and muscle loads. Thanks to the thermography, FC Dallas will be able to keep their players in perfect physical condition and recover as soon as possible those players who are injured.

Europa Thermohuman ThermoHuman has had the support of the Funds of the European Union and the Community of Madrid through the Operational Programme on Youth Employment. Likewise, ThermoHuman within the framework of the Export Initiation Program of ICEX NEXT, had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

CDTI Thermohuman has received funding from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), in participation with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), for the R+D activities involved in creating a new tool, based on thermography, for the prediction and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. See project detail.