Thermography and access control

Thermography and access control

28/04/2020 Infographics

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to increase security measures in order to mitigate the contagion curve. Because a large part of the patients with the disease have fever -between 83% and 98% according to del Rio C et al. (2020) -, the control of body temperature can be a key measure to reduce the number of infections, with an effectiveness of up to 50% obtained during other pandemics (Mercer J, Ring EFJ., Thermology International, 2009). Infrared thermography becomes an effective tool with a proven efficacy for the detection of high temperatures following quality standards -such as the measurement of the maximum temperature of the inner canthus of the eye- (Pascoe D, et al. 2010). Its implementation together with automatic software for face detection and generation of alarms in real time is a key alternative for its proper use.


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