WOMAN & THERMOGRAPHY. New section in ThermoHuman

WOMAN & THERMOGRAPHY. New section in ThermoHuman

27/03/2021 By: Nieves Fernández López Home

Have you ever ask yourself about the effects of the menstrual cycle on skin temperature, or common injuries in women, the effects of exercise on them, and so on?

Despite the need for further research, scientific results (Borba Neves et al., 2020; Bouzas Marins et al., 2015; Chudecka & Lubkowska, 2015) have already pointed out that woman thermoregulation and skin temperature behaves in a different way than the man’s ones.

Better understanding these topics might help to improve the application of infrared thermography for injury prevention, diagnosis support, injury follow up and performance in women.

Thermal images of a woman and a man using a FLIR T1020 (Ismael Fernández Cuevas)

From now on we are monthly going to share information about these topics.


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