Podcast 18: Moisés de Hoyo (Fitness Coach of Villarreal C.F.)

Podcast 18: Moisés de Hoyo (Fitness Coach of Villarreal C.F.)

29/06/2022 Home

? In the eighteenth episode (In Spanish) of “Thermography: Science, Health and Sport” we introduce Moisés de Hoyo Lora, fitness coach of Villarreal C.F, Spain.

?⚽ Moisés de Hoyo Lora, former fitness coach of Watford, Levante CF, Sevilla CF, Leganes CF and others, brings us her sport and performance experience with the use of thermography in the evaluations and follow-up of injuries in the soccer team.

? Moises de Hoyo tells us about how to implement the ThermoHuman methodology at two key moments: 48 hours before the match to analyze the player’s pre-competition physiological status and 24 hours after the match to be able to establish recovery strategies based on thermography alarms.

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