ThermoHuman & Predictec – HIKMICRO

ThermoHuman & Predictec – HIKMICRO

29/11/2023 Successful cases

The Master distributor in Spain of HIKMICRO, Preditec, has just reached a collaboration agreement with ThermoHuman to start distributing HIKMICRO thermographic cameras.

This agreement with the manufacturer aims primarily to offer thermal cameras with cutting-edge technology at a very competitive price. Additionally, the collaboration seeks to adapt and enhance existing technology to meet the requirements and needs of thermography application in the fields of sports and health in the medium term.

We want to celebrate the announcement of this collaboration with a special launch: 15% discount on a package that includes HIKMICRO M30 camera (384×288 pixels) + ThermoHuman software license (600 images) + ThermoHuman certified course (only available for orders placed until December 15, 2023).

Showcasing and adapting thermographic technology to the sports and health sector: strategic alliance

This agreement between the master distributor of HIKMICRO, Preditect, and ThermoHuman, a pioneering company in automated software for thermal analysis in health and sports, marks the beginning of a strategic alliance. Combining expertise in thermal camera technological development and its application in sports creates a mix in which both companies are determined to work together to offer high-quality products and services tailored to the needs and specificities of human applications, whether in support of diagnosis, injury prevention, research, or improvement of athletic performance.

Another key aspect of this collaboration lies in democratizing access to thermal cameras that combine outstanding quality and competitive prices. By joining forces, both companies aim to bridge the gap between scientific thermography and its practical use in health assessments and performance optimization.

As a result of this collaboration, HIKMICRO cameras from the M, G, and SP series and their thermal images are compatible with ThermoHuman software. This allows the end-user to analyze and interpret a thermal image in less than 30 seconds at a reduced price and with maximum performance.

Europa Thermohuman ThermoHuman has had the support of the Funds of the European Union and the Community of Madrid through the Operational Programme on Youth Employment. Likewise, ThermoHuman within the framework of the Export Initiation Program of ICEX NEXT, had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

CDTI Thermohuman has received funding from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), in participation with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), for the R+D activities involved in creating a new tool, based on thermography, for the prediction and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. See project detail.